Denali Performance Air-o-Gator (NH) Face Mask

PLEASE NOTE: We are only selling our Air-O-Gator (NH) Face Mask in 5 packs of a single color to facilitate our shipping process during this time of high demand for face masks. These will be bulk packaged in a single plastic bag.

We have a very limited amount of these masks left and we are trying to help as many customers as possible so please only order what you need for family and friends.

You can wear our Air-O-Gator (NH) Face Mask as a face cover, mouth/nasal cover, neck gaiter, head wrap, neck wrap, or wherever else it fits.

Made of 100% moisture-wicking polyester microfiber and is great for both hot and cold environments.

Approximate dimensions 19” x 10”

Candy PinkCandy PinkGreen TeaGreen TeaIce BlueIce BlueLight GreyLight GreyRuby RedRuby RedSea FrostSea FrostStars & Stripes BlueStars & Stripes Blue
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