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Our Proprietary Technology - woman with bike
Our Proprietary Technology - woman with bike
WIKZ Moisture Management System


WIKZ® Moisture Management System is Denali’s permanent solution to keeping you dry and comfortable in even the highest temperatures of the equatorial latitudes. The WIKZ® system is a permanent moisture wicking system that will last throughout the life of the garment and will not wash out even after extended laundering. Dealing with water and getting wet is a fact of life with professional captains and guides, whether sweating it out in the sun or boating a fish, Denali’s WIKZ® makes sure this moisture EVAPORATES quickly to keep your body comfortable and dry, day after working day. Keep cool with WIKZ®.

Zyptron Stain Release System


The third pillar of the Denali system is the ZYPTRON® Stain Release System. We know the rigors you’re putting our shirts through time and time again and we engineer our fabric with ZYPTRON® to make sure they continue to look fresh and clean, washing after washing. Fish blood and guts along with most other flotsam you’ll encounter on the water are a cinch for ZYPTRON® to eliminate. ZYPTRON® is your ally, so don’t hold back. Go ahead and pursue your passion today and have confidence that tomorrow you can do it again – fresh and clean!



Antimicrobial odors, bacteria and staining are by-products of the proliferation of microorganisms. As moisture occurs, these by-products can be produced unless wetness is allowed to evaporate quickly. Denali Performance uses our proprietary WIKZ® & ZYPTRON® Technologies to rapidly wick moisture away and inhibit the growth of microorganisms that could lead to unpleasant odors and product discoloration. Denali’s system of moisture management and antimicrobial properties will keep you feeling fresh and clean in a safe and natural way thanks to our advanced technologies.